Empowering founders with marketing expertise they need in the early stages of doing brilliant things for women and humanity.

Lindsey T Jackson, Founder of Hezalia.

Lindsey T Jackson, Founder of Hezalia.

It all started when…

We met Lindsey Jackson. With both a personal brand and brilliant product to launch, she wanted to hire us. However, without any funding yet we knew it was not the best move. But we couldn’t let this fierce founder slip away. We wanted to help her build this amazing dream - a product we as women were very excited about. So we decided to become her mentor, offering up to 10 hours per week for three months of our time. And the rest will be herstory…

Are you Fierce?

Our mentorship program includes marketing support for up to three months. Services include branding/positioning, market research, operations set up, org structure planning and guidance, review of applications and participation in interviews, marketing strategy, and initial PR& Comms. Qualified applicants are in the very initial stages (no funding) of their startup which intends to benefit women and humanity.


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